Cancer Treatment Options
What is a Cancer Navigation Consultant™ (CNC™)?
Much like the role of Patient Navigators, CNC™ function as "guides" assisting patients and caregivers in navigating the healthcare system. A CNC™ can be a registered nurse, a social worker, or a nurse practitioner. A CNC’s™' particular area of expertise is working with people who have been diagnosed with cancer. We also work with spouses, family members, caregivers and friends in order to provide comprehensive care for our clients.

Who are the clients that PEG'S Group services?
PEG'S Group provides consultations to:
  • any adult who has received a confirmed diagnosis of cancer, regardless of prognosis
  • family members, significant others, caregivers and friends of the above defined individuals

What services can a CNC™ provide?
CNC™ are capable of providing a variety of individual customized services that are focused on managing the challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis and promoting quality of life. Please see "Our Services"

What are the credentials and qualifications of a CNC™?
All Cancer Navigation Consultants™ hired by PEG'S Group
  • are licensed in the State of New York under their particular discipline
  • have completed several years of professional healthcare experience working with individuals with life threatening diagnoses and have a particular expertise in cancer
  • are trained and experienced in the practices of interdisciplinary collaboration, the holistic approach toward complete patient care and adopting a framework of patient driven care
In addition, CNC™ from PEG'S Group are
  • dedicated, compassionate professionals with a strong desire to work with people affected by cancer
  • highly skilled in communicating effectively with patients, families, and healthcare providers
  • experienced in addressing the emotional, psychological, cultural, spiritual and social concerns of individuals and families living with cancer
  • extremely knowledgeable about the systems, language and protocols within the healthcare community
  • resourceful and proficient in obtaining relevant community resources

What are the hours and where can I meet with a CNC™?
One of the exceptional benefits of working with a PEG’S Group CNC™ is the flexibility that we offer regarding our consultations. If it is not convenient for you to come to our office, we can make arrangements for you to have a CNC™ meeting either in your home, at work or another agreed upon location. Our office is open from 9AM to 8PM, but give us a call anytime and we will work with you to schedule convenient appointment times.

Does PEG’S Group provide medical services?
No. Although all CNC™ are state licensed healthcare professionals, PEG’S Group does not provide any medical care. However, we will work with you and your health care practitioners to help you obtain the medical services that you need.

Cancer Counseling

Will my insurance cover the expenses for CNC™ services?
At this time, most insurance agencies do not reimburse for cancer navigation services, but we hope that will change in the future. PEG’S Group is a private-sector fee for service group. We are not affiliated with any governmental institution, medical organization or insurance group. Our independent non-affiliated status enables us to operate without constraints and to provide the quality of services that we believe consumers want and deserve.

Do you have Spanish-speaking staff?
Kathy Gurland, the Director of PEG’S Group, also a CNC™, speaks Spanish fluently. You can call our office and speak with her directly about your particular needs.

How do I get started?
Because people who send spam e-mail, obtain the e-mail addresses from random web sites, we no longer publish our e-mail address online. So please call us at 718-246-PEGS (7347) for a free phone consultation and to arrange an appointment with your personal Cancer Navigation Consultant™.

Where does PEG’S Group offer their services?
Our current office is located in Brooklyn, NY from where we provide services throughout the NYC area. However, we can also accommodate the individual needs of those not in our area via phone, email, video chat and/or Skype on a case-by-case basis.