About PEG’S Group

PEG'S Group is an independent fee for service group of Cancer Navigation Consultants™
who provide Personal Education, Guidance and Support for people affected by cancer.

Cancer Patient Navigator

            PEG’S Group empowers and educates people affected by a cancer diagnosis. We embrace a belief of maintaining hope, preserving health and sustaining a self-defined standard of quality of life. By providing one-to-one supportive guidance and customized information and resources, we assist clients in becoming skilled self-advocates. These skills enable clients to be better healthcare consumers, discover areas where they can harness control, navigate their way through the unpredictable labyrinth of a life-threatening disease, and prioritize their time and activities according to their individual wishes.

            We are not affiliated with any governmental institution, medical organization or insurance group. Our independent non-affiliated status enables us to operate without constraints and to provide the quality and frequency of services that we believe consumers want and deserve.

Why We’re Qualified to Assist You:


All Cancer Navigation Consultants™ hired by PEG'S Group

  • are licensed in the State of New York under their particular discipline
  • have completed several years of professional healthcare experience working with individuals with life threatening diagnoses and have a particular expertise in cancer
  • are trained and experienced in the practices of interdisciplinary collaboration, the holistic approach toward complete patient care and adopting a framework of patient driven care

In keeping with our philosophy and values, all CNC™ employed by PEG'S Group are held accountable for adhering to the Clinical Social Work Federation’s Code of Ethics.  Two of the core principals of this code are

  • a commitment to the dignity, well being and self determination of the individual 
  • a primary obligation of maintaining the privacy of clients and confidentiality of any materials related to the services provided

In addition, the CNC™ at PEG'S Group are

  • dedicated, compassionate professionals with a strong desire to work with people affected by cancer
  • highly skilled in communicating effectively with patients, families, and healthcare providers
  • experienced in addressing the emotional, psychological, cultural, spiritual and social concerns of individuals and families living with cancer
  • extremely knowledgeable about the systems, language and protocols within the healthcare community
  • resourceful and proficient in obtaining relevant community resources

The Story of PEG’S Group

Cancer Counselor

  • Graduated magna cum laude from New York University (NYU) with a BA in Liberal Arts and later earned her Masters in Social Work (MSW), also at NYU.

  • Is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of New York.

  • Maintains a successful private practice as a psychotherapist in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Writes an ongoing column "By Your Side" for Women & Cancer Magazine that addresses psychosocial concerns of individuals coping with cancer.

  • Was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the NASW Communication Network (NCN)

  • Is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the Association of Oncology Social Workers (AOSW), Actors Equity (AEA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG).
  • The inspiration for creating PEG'S Group was fueled by both my personal and professional history. For several years, I worked as a medical and a hospice social worker, a Clinical Coordinator, and a psychotherapist both independently and for large renowned hospitals throughout the NYC area.

    While fulfilling these various roles, I was fortunate to collaborate with many impressively skilled and compassionate clinicians.  Simultaneously, I also witnessed numerous cases of individuals and families who felt lost and confused while trying to navigate the challenging journey that accompanies a life threatening diagnosis.  These diverse professional experiences provided me with a wealth of information while deeply impressing upon me the multi-dimensional and far-reaching aspects of a cancer diagnosis.

    In my personal history, I have lost two sisters to cancer, Judi and Peggy.  Both of their diagnoses were discovered at a late stage and both of them died when they were in their 40’s.  When Peggy was diagnosed in 2003, my professional experience helped me support her in a unique way.  Apart from being a sister and friend, I was able to function as an experienced advocate, a health care surrogate and an informed caregiver.  My experience with Peggy in the dual role of family member/health care professional awakened in me the desire to develop a private practice that could individually assist the many people who, like my sisters, would wake up one day and have their entire lives changed by the word cancer. 

    Although the inspiration for PEG’S Group was engendered by the loss of my incredible sister Peggy and my inspirational sister Judi, the clinical goals and intended purpose of designing this practice was motivated by my collective experiences within the health care system. I had discovered that individualized education and guidance were two of the greatest unmet, yet crucially important needs for the newly diagnosed.  When I added support to this needs list, my sister Peg’s name serendipitously defined the parameters of my endeavor– P-ersonal, E-ducation, G-uidance and S-upport – “PEG’S Group.” With genuine concern and dedication to the cancer community, it is both a personal and professional goal to meet these identified needs through the services that PEG’S Group is able to provide.

    PEG’S Group is a legacy to Peggy (Seng) O’Donnell, Judi (Seng) Smith, and to all of the millions of people who have had to face the uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis imposes on one’s mortality.

    If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, don’t

    -Lose hope because of what you hear or read
    -Let the diagnosis of cancer control your life
    -Waste your energy reinventing the wheel
    -Permit others to make decisions for you
    -Allow the healthcare system to make you feel lost and confused
    -Sacrifice the valuable time you could be spending on pleasurable activities

    Don't deal with this alone.

    Call us and learn how a Cancer Navigation Consultant™
    can provide you with supportive one-to-one counseling to help you face these challenges.
    Call 718-246-PEGS (7347)

    PEG’ Group provides professional cancer services to cancer patients and cancer caregivers in the NYC area.
    However, please call us and see if we can accommodate your needs no matter where you live.