PEG’S Group embraces a philosophy of maintaining hope,
preserving health and sustaining life-affirming activities.

In keeping with our philosophy, we pledge to:

Cancer Navigator
  • Regard you as a unique individual within a holistic framework, offering you and your loved ones professional counseling in your home, at our office or other agreed upon locations.
  • Save you time by researching relevant information, gathering resources and supplying you with reliable referrals.
  • Provide you with concise education regarding the complex language, systems and processes that are integral for managing a life threatening disease.
  • Empower you with advocacy skills that enable you to be a better healthcare consumer, allow you to establish control over your course of treatment and skillfully navigate the healthcare system.
  • Guide you through the intricate decision-making challenges that surface during the unpredictable journey of a life invaded by cancer.
  • Function as your constant supportive counselor who will help you to strategize, streamline and prioritize your day-to-day tasks and remind you of your strengths.
  • Encourage you to focus on maximizing your quality of life according to your own standards and desires.
  • Utilize ongoing assessments to evaluate your individual needs so that you, not others, dictate your plan of care and services.
  • Support you and your loved ones throughout the length of your journey, providing ongoing assistance in whatever direction your path may take.

At a time when you need it most,
a Cancer Navigation Consultant™ can be that reliable ally
who you can turn to for information, guidance, and support.

Cancer Navigation Consultant

Our goals are to Empower, Educate, and Enable you.

We Empower you by providing you with the strategies needed to:

  • navigate the healthcare system
  • advocate for the best care and treatment
  • communicate effectively so that people hear what you say

We Educate you about methods that will allow you to:

  • preserve your health
  • maintain your hope
  • prioritize your adaptive needs
  • sustain a personally defined standard of quality of life

We Enable you to spend more time on pleasurable activities by:

  • finding and consolidating specific information for you from the internet
  • guiding you efficiently through complex necessary processes
  • assisting you in managing the tasks that accompany a life threatening disease

PEG’ Group provides professional cancer services to cancer patients and cancer caregivers in the NYC area.
However, please call us and see if we can accommodate your needs no matter where you live.
Please visit our Services page to read about the benefits of utilizing professional services.